Betting on Movies

Are you a fan of movies? Are you a fan of money? Perhaps Both? Either way you look at it, Betting Movies can be a very fun and profitable form of gambling, if you think it through. Betting on movies comes in a few forms, though it is a fairly simple task to understand. These propositional bets are placed through online sportsbooks, and they can be placed very simply. Betting on movies is perhaps the easiest way to make money through a sportsbook, as you do not have to know anything in order to place these wagers - no statistics, no trends, no players, no nothing. All you will need to be is interested in the movie or movies and wish to place some bets.

Types of Movie Bets

The primary form of betting on movies is based on the movie's gross. You will essentially be wagering on the amount of money the movie happens to generate. The online sportsbooks will show you betting odds on different price ranges. They will offer different ranges of cash and you will have to choose how much you think the money will generate at the box office. Betting on movies will have different odds associated with different results, all depending on the popularity of the movie. While this may not be easy to predict, you will have to make the right guess in order to win the bet.

Betting on Ticket Sales - Every now and again you will have to predict which of two or more movies will gross the most in ticket sales. This secondary form of betting on movies is not as common, but it is provocatively more exciting. You will watch as two top movies duke it out through the box office. If you successfully bet on the winner of the box office battle, you will be entitled to the winnings that are available.

Betting on Movie Roles - Another type of betting line associated with the movies is that of who will play big roles in certain movies. An example of this would be who is slated to play the next James Bond. These movies betting lines usually cover big movies and sequels, so do not expect to see them very commonly.

Top Sportsbooks For Betting on Movies

While betting on movies is not one of the most popular forms of gambling, the bigger movies will prove to be some of the exciting bets you can make. These bets will not only let you enjoy the movie it self, but also add a touch of interactivity to the movie. instead of simply watching it, you will be able to actually put in a stake. If you make the right bet, you can even win enough money to overcome the ever rising price of tickets, snacks, and drinks. We have listed the sportsbooks that offer movies betting, so check them out if you want to drop some wagers.

Bovada Sportsbook

betedBovada is another one of the few sportsbooks that offer movies betting. They have an unlimited deposit bonus available to help you with this betting. With their 20% initial deposit bonus, which can be collected with VISA, MyPaylinQ, and wire transferdeposits, there is $100 limit to this bonus. When it comes to entertainment betting, Bovada leads the field out all the U.S. accepted online sportsbooks. Plus, Bovada also runs betting lines on a great number of other events, so this is one sportsbook that encompasses as many lines as possible. Visit Bovada Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is a sportsbook that has been around for for a while now, and you can expect to periodically see special betting lines on many major movies set to roll off the presses. BetOnline has a deposit bonuses available for those who sign up of 25% to $1,000 on every deposit you make. Credit Cards, VISA, Mastercard, and Wire Transfers are available to USA gamblers, while those outside of the USA can use Moneybookers to make deposits into BetOnline's book. They cover the biggest blockbusters, so you'll not have to worry about small time movies - only big ones. Visit BetOnline

Top Sportsbooks For Betting On Movies Sportsbook Bonuses Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 20% To $100 VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% To $1,000 VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 50% To $1,000 VISIT
5Dimes 20% To $500 VISIT


The sites listed above are listed as the best online sportsbooks for USA players. We have done a ton of research and we are confident that you will have an enjoyable gambling experience at any of these websites.